AchievementsMajor Investigations and Achievements

We conduct numerous information searches, providing our clients with precisely what they need. We have experience in providing the following services. We are waiting to serve your specific needs.

Investigation, analysis and evaluation of technology, markets and patents

  • Natural resources and energy
  • Environment and recycling
  • Evaluation for public R&D projects
  • Ocean development
  • Marketing strategy (for material industries)
  • New functional materials
  • Steel materials
  • Process technology
  • Domestic and overseas steel industry
  • Macro-scoped economy around steel industry
  • New business in the steel industry
  • Growing industries in Asia-Pacific
  • TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology) industry
  • R&D systems
  • Patent investigation and management
  • Others: Business Solution Services
    • Training in management skills
    • Training in languages
    • Structuring of databases and webpages
    • Translation, interpretation