BusinessOutline of Our Business

Nippon Steel Research Institute supports your business activities through information search and analysis, which is taking on growing importance as corporate globalization accelerates.


Nippon Steel Research Institute (NSRI) is a general think tank with a wealth of knowledge and information associated with steel-related industries.

Organization chart

Our clients

Japanese central and local government offices, related corporate bodies, extended organizations, incorporated foundations, incorporated bodies, various companies including Nippon Steel Group, business associations, councils, research organizations and civilian controlled corporations.

Intellectual Property Unit

We offer intellectual property management services for different phases of clients'projects. We also offer a variety of other services, have a wealth of experience and can boast numerous achievements.

Industrial Science & Technology Research Department

We undertake research and consulting services in various fields in science and technology for various clients, mainly the Japanese Government, related companies, the academic sector, etc. Our achievements and expert knowledge are based on the experience of the Nippon Steel Group.

Steel Research Department

We undertake research and consulting services for steel goods market for clients associated with steel-related companies. We specialize in observing trends of competitors and non-customers (who don't deal with clients) from an end user's viewpoint. We can offer your marketing strategy and related information.

Environment & Energy Research Department

We undertake research and investigation projects, mainly into low carbon plans for 2020 and 2030 for the steel industry. We propose information by style of solution and suggestion, and we have many opportunities to make presentations in international conferences.

Overseas Technical Information Department

We undertake research and investigation services for steel making companies and related companies throughout the world. We have a lot of information regarding the overall region, constantly investigating and analyzing and informing.

Economic & Industrial Research Department

We undertake research and investigation services associated with steel markets and economies. We have cutting-edge skills in analyzing statistics for steel goods, raw materials, steel works and related facilities throughout the world. We also specialize in growing industries in Japan and Asia Pacific, not only steel-using industries.

Business Solution Department

We have wide-ranging success in training of management skills and foreign languages. We also undertake analyzing services for economy associated with the steel industry, and consulting services for marketing strategies for material industries.