Nippon: The Land and Its People

Our long-selling book
Japanese and English parallel writing

This is our best seller! The book is an invaluable resource for introducing Japan (Nippon). It contains information on Japanese geography, history, politics, economics, business administration, society, culture and manners and customs in both Japanese and English.

The book was originally written to help Nippon Steel Corporations' employees answer questions about Japan by overseas visitors or by foreigners they encountered while on overseas business trips. It was compiled based on actual questions asked of employees by foreigners. The English version was created to show how to comfortably answer such questions in correct English.

Since its first release in 1982, this book had been periodically updated, and the 11th revised edition was published in September 2019. The overall contents were subjected to reworking along with updating, while all numerical values and statistics were revised as appropriate.

It is an effective reference when discussing Japan with foreigners and makes a great gift or souvenir. It also functions as a supplemental textbook for those studying Japanese or English, both inside and outside Japan.

Japanese and English versions
Nippon: The Land and Its People11th Edition
  • Paperback Shinsho
Japanese and English versions E-book
Nippon: The Land and Its People11th Edition
  • Digital